4 Tips to Nail Your Dance Call


As dancers, we learn a plethora of combinations each week to book the job at dance calls. However, there are so many factors go into booking the job. The goal of the dance call is to make a positive impression in the room. Yet, a rule that I like to follow is A FYI: Authenticity, Flexibility, You are enough, Intention. These four tips have proved successful in my audition experience and also in auditions for other dancers. I consulted with several dancers that I know who have booked shows, and this acronym reflects the most common opinions. 


In the context of this blog post, authenticity refers to bringing your true, genuine self into the audition room. Relax and breathe. As overrated as it may sound, the most important aspect of the audition is showing the artistic team your true self. Show them individuality, that you are easy to work with and that you can work with others. Being a team player in an essential in any job. Be yourself… Because at the end of the day or beautiful, unique and sparkling self will book a gig! All you have to do is be YOU. 


When you think about flexibility what comes to mind? Probably someone holding their leg to their head. Now think about the exact opposite… There we go! In this sense, flexibility in a dance audition refers to being quick on your feet (pun intended). I am referring to what you do when you are learning the combo or what you do if you happen to miss a step and get off. Being flexible means allowing yourself to mess up and be confident in your mistake. Then jump back in when you have the opportunity. Remaining calm and confident speaks much louder to the creative team, even if you do mess up. And the advice that I will always live by: if you’re going to mess up, make it a BOLD mess up!


I believe that this is one of the most important aspects in an audition, of any kind. This is an internal tip, and although it isn’t necessarily seen by others, it is essential. You will always be enough. The audition does not define your self worth as a human, nor does it define your worth as a performer. Re-read that sentence. As I mentioned before, many factors go into booking the job. Not only your dance skills or vocal range, but also height, weight, voice type, ethnicity, hair color, number of contracts and openings. The list goes on and on. So always remember… You will always be enough.


Performance can outshine technique. What do I mean by that? We are not just dancers. We are actors. We convey emption with our body. Intention focuses on allowing yourself to implement all of your acting training that you have worked so hard at. Don’t get me wrong, technique is IMPERATIVE. However, if you show off your technique without any intention behind the movement, it means nothing. Musical Theatre is, by definition, the combination of song, movement, spoken dialogue and acting. So mix it all together! 

Now go have fun trying new tips and tricks in the audition room!

Comment below to share any tips you have found to be successful in the audition room - can’t wait to hear from you all!


*Special thanks to: MiMi Scardulla, Joey Dippel, Rachel Knuth, and Boe W. Ank