3 Tips To Auditioning Smarter


There are hundreds of auditions that pop up each week. Musicals, plays, dance, commercials, voice over, print. It is amazing how many opportunities we have, however in the mix of everything we have to maintain our momentum and make sure that we aren’t burning out. So how do we do that? I have found that the best way to maintain this energy is by… AUDITIONING SMARTER.


Attending more auditions doesn’t always mean more chances to be seen and book the job. If you wouldn’t fit the project, it might not be necessary to go to the audition. While more auditions bring great practice, there is still a line of balance between making sure one is prepared for the audition and then going to the audition. The exception to this is if the creative team is a team you are interested in being seen by. But most likely, you could use that time to schedule a lesson, work, go to dance class, practice self-care, brush up your rep, create your own work, or spend time with yourself to better learn how to market yourself in the industry. This includes researching which shows and jobs will fit you best and determining your personalized plan of action.


Homework. A word that everyone usually dreads. However, I have found this to be one of the most helpful practices that leads to my most successful auditions. Making sure your rep book is always ready to go, prepping sides for callbacks, listening to new musical theatre songs, and staying ahead on all of your work and scheduling outside of the room. All of these help me feel prepared and in control of the things that I CAN control when auditioning and managing a crazy schedule. While everyone is different, the one thing that never changes is the work that we do when nobody's watching. One of my favorite quotes is: “As artists, we don’t always have something to show. Just because you can’t see what we are doing doesn’t mean that we aren’t working.”


Taking care of yourself is almost as important, if not just as important, as the rest of the tips to auditioning smarter. If you aren’t on your A game, then it can be hard to face long days of auditions, rehearsals and coachings. Getting good sleep, eating substantial meals, working out, stretching, and taking time to yourself are all essential in making sure that you are ready to go each day. I have found that it is very important to have time for  yourself, and allow yourself to relax and do things outside of performance. Finding a balance between work and play can sometimes be one of the hardest parts, because as performers we love to work on improving our art, but sometimes it’s good to take a step away from it all and just breathe.

Now go and crush your week!

Comment below with any tips that you find helpful in your experience and any successes you have had this week!