L. O. V. E.

L. O. V. E.

As I referenced in my last blog, I write these to inspire others. As a performer currently auditioning in New York, I get to see what challenges performers, including myself, face every day. There are many different opinions, however I just hope to inspire you to continue experiencing life to the fullest; not tell you what is right, what is wrong, or what will guarantee booking a job.  


With that said, the past few months have been a total whirlwind of emotions in many ways. They’ve been fun, extremely difficult, humorous, growth-inspiring, fulfilling and have helped me question and understand the direction of my life.


As artists, we are constantly  training. We train growing up, through college, and continue long after graduating. I most definitely believe that training has helped me prepare for the hardest moments in my professional career, however, after a while, you have to ask yourself and remember WHY you are training, and what it is all for.


To throw it back a little… I have been dancing since I was three years old. I could never stand still at home. I would put blankets on the floor just to help me turn and when I would fall I would get up and put the blanket right back, just to repeat the same steps. Dance was a creative outlet for me as a child. Even as an adult, I find myself always wanting to be doing  something. However, now that I have started my journey as a professional performer and choreographer, I have realized that, at some point you have to let go of all of the technique and training.


What has influenced my art the most in the past four months? Love…


My time in New York has taught me to remember that I perform because I LOVE to dance and sing. LOVE. That is a strong word. Love is not perfection, love is not blind of mistakes, love is not having everything planned out. LOVE is an energy that no one can take away from you. Love is your internal inspiration that is behind anything you do, whether that be performance, design, nursing, law, office work, web design. We instinctively want to do that which makes us feel good.


As artists of any kind, we get to spend hours upon hours loving. We have the power to spread some of the most influential energy to the entire world. That is a gift that I feel like I have sometimes been blinded from and taken advantage of when running from lessons, to auditions, to meetings, to work, to dance classes.


In this industry, many things affect our work. I haven’t booked jobs because of my body type and size, voice type, ethnicity, skills, etc. We receive so many opinions and feedback from others based on our short performances in the room. Yet, these small valleys along the way do not control your creative abilities. The one thing that this career has taught me is that LOVE will always be the most important, despite all else. My many mentors and friends always remind me, “just keep pushing forward,” “great things take time,” “never forget where you came from and why you do what you do.” And I think that now more than ever, this is essential. I finally feel like I understand what they mean…


As artists, we have the power to spread love to the world with our art form, whether we are in a show or not. Art is everywhere. You can find inspiration walking down the street, sitting at the park, watching people on the street. When there is no work, do the work to prepare for the jobs, and then create your own work. I have to remind myself to do what I love and to inspire others with a gift that I have been given.


My only intention with this piece is to spread my own love through the platforms I have and to tell you that you have a gift. An enormously special gift. LOVE. You spread love in a way that many other humans cannot and that is totally unique and different from every other artist. So don’t let the no’s get you down. There will always be many many no’s that come at you from all directions. Rather, I want to share a quote that others always remind me of. “When someone tells you that you can’t do something, turn the other way and say ‘watch me.’”

Trust yourself and spread love.

“Nothing worthwhile comes without hard work and lots of love.”