Patrick’s Picks: LOUISVILLE, KY

What has been the best part of tour? Without a doubt, my answer would be going home. There is truly nothing like home. I have been in love with so many of the cities we have been to, however it has been special getting to share this experience with so many people I love back home.

While I was in Louisville, I was able to drop in to some of my favorite local shops, restaurants, and coffee spots for some good meals and afternoon caffeine fixes. Check out a few of my go-to’s!



Fresh. Local. Vibrant. Good coffee. This brunch spot has it all. I tried their sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on a sweet potato biscuit with sweet potato fries on the side. To drink I had a lavender oat milk latte. I thought I died and went to heaven. The food was astonishing. I was hesitant to try the lavender, but the barista at the coffee bar in the restaurant insisted that I try it. She wasn’t wrong. It did not disappoint. The restaurant is filled with natural light, modern, comfortable chairs and is surrounded by succulents. I couldn’t think of a better place to sit for a lovely morning cup of joe in Louisville.



Talk about good southern cooking… Porch hit the nail on the head. Located in the heart of downtown, this restaurant is surrounded by garage doors that open to seamlessly transition the outdoor streets of Louisville into the interior of the restaurant. We started with the cornbread muffins for the table and then I went with the bacon mac & cheese. Great is an understatement. Not to mention the phenomenal service. Be sure to stop in for an early morning breakfast and enjoy the nice weather while dining with some good ole southern food.



BloFish… the first gender fluid clothing store. This store was my favorite in NuLu. Not only is this the first gender fluid and gender neutral clothing store, but the clothing is the most comfortable out of any outfit that I own. The fabric is soft, stretchy and the designs are stunning. Furthermore, sizing does not range by small, medium or large… but rather by the number of blowfish on the bottom left side of the clothing article. I was obsessed with this idea. If you are in the area, stop by and check them out. The staff are so welcoming and kind!



An old time favorite of mine! Heine Brothers Coffee is one of the gems of downtown Louisville and is a staple to the community. The coffee is perfect for an afternoon caffeine boost, for a quick coffee on the go, or a great place to park and get some work done. My favorite part of the afternoon is stopping in for coffee, grabbing a table, spending some time to journal or brainstorm, and sipping my coffee while people watching.



Local. Delicious. Convenient. Adorable. I can’t sing enough praises to this cute restaurant. To start, the breakfast quiche, sandwiches, pastries, etc. were fresh every morning and were all made locally. I was hooked. However, the Atlantic No. 5 coffee was also to die for. Great coffee and lattes made carefully for each customer. It was the perfect spot right near the theater in downtown Louisville for a morning pick-me-up!



Please bring me more of this coffee… thank you! Please & Thank You is my favorite coffee shop in Louisville. It is in the heart of NuLu and I had the best honey iced latte. AND not only is the coffee good, but the chocolate chip cookies are out of this world. They are so rich and soft that I couldn’t even finish a whole cookie. Do yourself a favor and swing by this delightful shop for an afternoon cup of coffee and enjoy the ambiance.



Talk about “damn good biscuits”… This was one of my favorite places to visit when I was home. They didn’t lie… the biscuits are out of this world. They are LOADED with whatever you choose to add to your biscuit. To the point that they are overflowing. I had to split it up and eat each half at a time. It’s near impossible to pick up the biscuit and eat it as a sandwich. It’s no wonder why the line is always out the door.

Patrick's Picks: EAST LANSING, MI

This past month I headed to East Lansing, MI with the Hamilton Angelica tour and we fell in LOVE with this city. Tucked  
away on the Michigan State University campus, Lansing gave us some perfect summer weather, restaurants, and local stores. 
Below are a few of my favorites that I made sure that I frequented while I was in town. Check out some of my favorite local
spots right here in Lansing that are must-do's if you are in the area.
Blue Owl Coffee


This is a must visit if you are ever in East Lansing. Cold brew is almost always my go to coffee choice. This  
shop offers several varieties of cold brew and I was instantly obsessed - not to mention the urban vibe. 
It was the perfect place to sit to do some afternoon work and enjoy watching local East Lansing residents. 
Strange Matter Coffee


Another favorite here in East Lansing. The baristas were the sweetest and I had the best latte 
in the world here. While offering a wide selection of locally made donuts, including vegan and gluten 
free options, this coffee shop had the perfect small town vibe for a great coffee break.
Not to mention that the donuts flavors were UNBELIEVABLE. These include: Cookie Bomb, Lemon Lavender, Cream cheese filled
everything donut. If you every find yourself in Lansing, do yourself a favor and grab yourself a coffee
from this shop. 
Horrocks Farm Market


This place was HEAVEN. This market has locally grown produce, a plant and flower shop, a wine bar, 
free coffee, full candy section, and an outdoor garden shop. I spent over an hour in this market. I was in absolute 
awe at the amount of food and different selections of produce. After getting a free coffee at the in-store coffee 
bar, I explored the plant store and picked out a few local chip dips and food options. I don't want to say too much
because the market is an experience that you will have to see for yourself. 
Beggar's Banquet


This restaurant and saloon was kind enough to host our opening night gathering here in East Lansing, and let me
tell you... The food was incredible. I went back a few days later for brunch and it was just as good. So many
people recommended this restaurant and it did not disappoint. I had a bacon and egg croissant breakfast sandwich
with home fries, juice and coffee... Everyone was right. The food was amazing and the waiters were so kind. It
was perfect for a weekday morning brunch and I would definitely recommend stopping by if you are in the area. 
Beyond A Dream

5. Beyond A Dream

I have found a new love for crystals and stones, especially while on the road with a constantly changing environment.
I walked into this shop and knew that I found a gem here in Lansing. There was an unbelievable assortment of rocks, 
crystals, stones, sage, palo santo. Truly anything that you could imagine for wellness, chakras, etc. In addition, the 
incredibly kind staff gave us a full tour of the facility. They offer a full salt cave, epsom salt float tanks, an oxygen 
bar, and reiki therapy. I spent over an hour exploring the stones and their uses and the staff had an incredible wealth
of knowledge to help us find exactly what we were looking for. I would go back in a heart beat.