As artists, we are constantly managing several schedules between auditions, rehearsals, side jobs, lessons, and a personal life. It can be difficult to actually plan out time to think about yourself and taking care of your mind and body to make sure that you are functioning at the top of your game. This is especially true when most of us don’t work 9-5 jobs. Recently  I have thought a lot about how I can achieve this balance between work and self-care.


This is the most important factor in taking time for yourself. I know how much sleep I need to be able to function and vibrate at my highest frequency. This is different for different people. Sometimes I have to say no to other projects or friends to ensure  that I get a full night of sleep and be ready to take on a full day. Sometimes this may include a nap in the middle of the day if you have a high intensity schedule. Doctors and experts from WebMD say that 7-9 hours is necessary to properly fuel your body, however some people many only require 6 hours, while others need up to 10 (Click here to read more) - Everybody is different, yet it is important to know in order to make sure you are always prepared.


Routine is one of the most important facets of my life. I have to make sure that I plan out times for myself to take even 20 minutes to write a blog post, take a walk, get a cup of coffee, sit and think about life, admire what is going on around me and stay present.

Another aspect of routine is allotting time to plan your week so that you make sure that you have given yourself time to do things that make you happy. This keeps us going and makes sure that we are self-aware in all of our work. This is important throughout the busiest times and during the slow periods when you have more time for yourself. It gives you a structure that you can follow.


Finding the balance between all of this and your training is the last step. Training is a part of the hustle of auditions, however it is also a facet that makes us feel satisfied in putting in the work. You are taking time to set goals and work towards them. This sense of self-fulfillment in loving what you are doing is another aspect that helps you to take care of yourself.


What are some ways that you practice self-care? What helps keep your organized? What tips have you found the most successful? Comment below!



Special thanks to MiMi Scardulla and Boe W. Ank.